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  1. Posted by suga_in_jimins_jam, — Reply

    bold of you to assume id ever succeed lmao

  2. Posted by yashika_singh, — Reply

    Those stains of tear shows her hard work and dedication. I'm proud of you, gurl 👏🏻👏🏻

  3. Posted by kitty61440, — Reply

    This is very relatable. On weekdays, I have to style my hair for half an hour just to have it end up looking like an ostrich trampled my hair. But then on weekends my hair decides to obey. 😠 😂

  4. Posted by Theflyingbutter, — Reply

    Tear stains on foundation are an actuall mooood

  5. Posted by CharlotteWM19, — Reply

    That was me this evening with a freaking ponytail. A fReAkiNg poNytAIl!

  6. Posted by fingers890, — Reply

    Then you have nowhere to go

  7. Posted by 2Dppl_Supremacy, — Reply

    and ur arms feel paralyzed and broken and shatterd and like ten million knives went through them................then yes

  8. Posted by shadowgirl100, — Reply

    Arms be tired as hell from just doing one style

  9. Posted by SagesBay, — Reply

    Me spending 6 hours so I can snap back my husband a cute selfie just to open his snap and see he's talking about Mc Donald's sprite... Again...

  10. Posted by murphigibson, — Reply

    This has never happened to me. I ALWAYS fail or I do space buns and their uneven

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